Thursday, December 13, 2012

Update On Health

As a little update on life after a heart attack, Cindy has spanked me a few times but only a few strong whacks with a wooden kitchen utensil. Seems I upset her more when she is cooking, or simply she is simply less patient.
However, I have spanked Cindy a few times  recently. They are related to my heart attack, as Cindy becomes overwhelmed and excessively overprotective.
I have dropped out of cardiac rehab!
 The only follow the leader I like would be if these ladies were leading.
The lectures are dumbed down to a grade one primary school level, because of the perceived target audience of my community. Both Cindy and I have a university degree. The presented materials  of each weekly meeting explain what already exists in the handouts they gave me on leaving the hospital. The lectures are given by people who have no idea how to teach. Lastly, the lecturers get flustered, give personal ideas, and some are blatantly wrong. Example: better to go out and hit a bucket of balls, than to play nine holes of golf using a motorized golf cart, when re-starting to exercise. STUPID!!! A bucket of balls (around 80 balls) requires bending down to place the ball on a tee many times, lifting the arms over the head 80 times, and swinging, repetitively and often. Playing golf takes time between each shot, walking to and from the cart, and waiting while other people play their ball.
The most important lecture they say that could not be missed is when we visit a local Publix super market, and they show us how to read labels on products. I used to say to counter the excitement of something like this by saying "oh heart be still" ,but am learning to say something else. We read labels. We purchase low sodium or low fat items. We purchase a lot of food at Whole Foods. We eat fish three times a week, and usually all wild (halibut, PACIFIC Salmon) rainbow trout. Cindy makes soup that we are eating almost every day for lunch. I have lost 10 pounds, and am now about 170.

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